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I help companies enhance their social media strategy through quality branding and content development.

Whether you are a startup looking for your first freelance social media manager, or you have an in-house marketing team and are searching for a social consultant, I can help you upgrade your social presence, build your online audiences, increase engagement, and produce quality content that your target market will enjoy.

Let’s get to know one another…

The three things you’ll immediately learn about me: I’m tenacious, resourceful and incredibly driven.

I get invested invested in each new client or project that I have the pleasure of being a part of.

After an undergraduate education at UC San Diego, I began my career in digital marketing, working with a variety of companies from small mom and pop landscape companies (+ lawyers, solopreneurs, start-ups etc) to consulting for organizations like Indeed, The NY Center for Innovative Medicine, and other top educational insitutions, non-profits and executives.

I now utilize this experience to share with others how social media can be leveraged as a marketing tool, but also a strong element of Employee Relations, Hiring, Company Culture, Partnership Development and various other departments. 

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My mission is to help brands create online spaces that serve their company needs, culture and marketing goals.

From the industry standard platforms like Instagram and Facebook to new kids on the block like TikTok to platforms trending in specific niches like Telegram… social media has been one of the quickest developing slices of the online world in the last decade. 

Can you believe that Instagram launched just over 10 years ago? Crazy.

As a typical ‘millenial’ (chai tea latte in hand LOL), I’ve always had a close relationship with social media. But truly – my interest in social media (and digital marketing in general) went beyond any sort of cultural expectations. 

I am in awe of the opportuities and leverage that social can bring to a brand when utilized properly (and by that, I mean when you employ a real and comprehensive strategy). 

It’s an incredible tool that should not be under-rated. Or under-appreciated.

There isn't one right way to use social media for your business, but there is a very wrong way... a basic way... and that way often doesn't serve you well.

I was around for Instagram’s launch in 2010 – working for a health coach to grow her audience. And I was around when Pinterest was waiting-list only (thrilled when I got the invite of course!).

But there’s more to me than just an affinity for digital media + branding. 

I’m a mom of two toddlers, a fur mom, an amateur cook and knitter, and obsessed with basically every crime show available on Netflix or Hulu. 

On a sunny day, I’m out riding or hiking. On a rainy, cold day you’ll find me curled up with our kids, our pitt-terrier mix, and the newest book on entrepreneurship or finance.

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