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Debating between the convenience and cost effectiveness of a social media freelancer or the dedication and expertise of an in-house social media director?

After ten years in digital marketing, I still love working with brands on a 1:1 basis. 

That’s why I dedicate a signficant portion of my time to taking on a limited number of freelance roles. 
I most enjoy working with companies or organizations that are notable, mission-driven, and make a positive impact on the world. 

While other freelancers may take on up to 10, 20 (I’ve even heard of 45!) clients at a time… I limit my availability to 5 engagements at any given time.

My experience and background are a best fit for museums and institutions, civic and professional organizations, certified B corporations, non-profits and social issue-related companies. 

Double certified in both Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing, I approach an organization’s social media from both an analytical and creative perspective

While working with me, you will not only experience social media growth and creative development, but also a greater integration of social media into existing campaigns, internal departments, organizational initiatives, employee awareness and involvement, and more. 

Social media has become the new hub of your digital presence. To stay relevant, your organization must know how to adapt, innovate, and connect – all while juggling brand voice and staying true to your mission.

What can you expect from working with me?


Creative Direction

Being noticed on social media is often more about uniqueness, creativity, and brand alignment than about perfectly identifying the algorithms. Taking full advantage of a platforms' design features, as well as third party tools can make a huge difference. Also, using social listening to determine what your competitors and others in the industry are doing can be quite helpful in the content ideation process!


Analytics First Approach

If it's not working, it's not working. I review weekly and monthly analytics (reach, impressions, best performing content etc) to determine what your target audience wants more of! I use this data to propose new concepts, strengthen existing campaigns, and increase engagement.


Pulse on Today's Trends

Social strategies change frequently. I regularly review leading industry content for new ideas, platform news, changing marketing strategies, and more.


10+ Years Experience

Starting my social media marketing career just as Instagram was becoming popular means that I have the depth of knowledge and industry insights necessary to adjust to platform changes, as well as the experience required to adjust content and social strategy to your unique organization.


Industry Network

I'm a member of several marketing organizations and communities were I network to gain better insights, troubleshoot and produce new ideas.

Interested in setting an interview?

You can access my calendar here. Feel free to add co-workers or others involved in the decision making process. I look forward to speaking with you!

What can I take off your plate?

My 1:1 engagement is a completely custom role. You are free to determine which of my following strengths are useful to your team and that you’d like to utilize.

You’re ready to do more with social.

Maybe your organization has a team member handling social media in addition to their other tasks. Maybe it falls to the SEO guy, the marketing manager, or an admin. 

Regardless of who is handling it currently, you’re not getting the results you’d like. You want it to do more, be more engaging, more authentic – a better representation of your company’s place in the world.

With me, you’ll receive 1:1 support – someone whose only focus is making sure your social media sings.

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