The Certified Pocket

Consultant Program

You're ready to radically improve your social media using an incredibly cost effective + fun method.

This is one of my favorite engagements! One of the biggest problems I see in the social media marketing world is the vast contrast of skill amongst social media managers. Your lowest priced entry level SMMs are likely overseas contractors who will hande your social publishing (aka keep the content moving), but they typically don’t have vast experience in the more advanced concepts necessary to truly help you gain momentum. 

That’s where I come in. With this engagement, I provide you or your team with unlimited 1:1 coaching via Slack or email. I can provide platform audits, review content drafted, educate your V.A. on strategy, help you craft a new influencer campaign, etc. Use my skill sets every day of the month… or just one day – the decision is yours.

Under this retainer, my services will always be available to you – like a consultant in your pocket!

We eliminate lengthy unnecessary phone calls from our program structure – saving you valuable time and money.

This is a rare opportunity to work with a double certified social media specialist at less than half of my typical 1:1 rate.

Uplevel your social media and content strategies while increasing the value of your existing team.

Investment: $2,250 / month (3 mo. minimum)

Examples of what I can do for you
through 1:1 consulting


Audit your social presence.

Is your social media productive? Are you on the right platforms? Using the right type of content? Finding and speaking to your target audience? A regular audit from a skilled freelancer can provide incredible insight to ensure you maximize your time on social media and utilize the right resources.


Review your scheduled content.

Who is currently handling your content reviews? Is it you? Or perhaps your social media manager is getting content live without approvals. Do you need help in cleaning up this process? I often find that a clean and organized content management system can help ensure quicker content turn arounds and better brand alignment.


Educate + train your team.

What skill sets do you wish your team had? Hoping to get paid advertising or an influencer campaign started soon? Maybe you wish they were better experienced with editing or content creation tools, or better understood your brand identity. I work 1:1 with admins, V.A.s, or entry level/intermediate SMMs.


Suggest / structure new strategies.

Looking to launch a new product, feature, or service? Have an event coming up and need a little extra help? Or maybe you're launching on a new platform, just underwent a re-brand or new company leadership? Regardless of the reason for the season, you are looking for new perspective and additional insights.


Analyze social data.

Who on your team is reviewing post performance, growth, engagement, sentiment, comments, and DMs to find room for improvement? This is often a task that falls through the cracks in many companies without a designated SMM lead. With my 1:1 consulting, you can arrange to have your reports sent to me directly for regular review.

Get started with The Certified Pocket Consultant Program today.

You’re ready to go from simply publishing on social media to using it as a strategic marketing channel, developing/strengthening your team, and finding next-level opportunities!

Is this the right fit?

So how does this all work?

Click below to register for the Certified Pocket Consultant service. You’ll receive our Certified Pocket Consultant Welcome Guide. It details all the ways to utilize this retainer to get the maximum benefit for your organization. 

Then, simply choose email or Slack as our communication format (other platforms potentially available upon request).

Use our Client Intake Form to share your company’s social media objectives, discuss KPIs, and set objectives for our time together.


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